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The curious case of the disappearing Polish S — Medium Engineering

I tend to be very forgiving when I find stupid bugs in code.

I deal a lot with vendor supplied apps in my current position. As a developer with a QA background, I tend to find a lot of things wrong with their code.

While managers are freaking out calling for heads to role, and demanding to know who didn’t do their job, and vendors are attempting to deny there is a bug and explain how it is user error…. I generally just like to point out that there is a bug and ask that it be fixed.

The strangest of events can align to cause bugs, this story demonstrates why.

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Helena Tome - 2016-01-13 10:37:34-0500

hahaha what a mess

we still have problems, you know, most of our computers have no ã, ï ç and others I don’t remember. We had to copy paste from some text to have those signs. We do not have Æ, Ø, Å and a lot more. Now we have Internet. Before it, we had to leave a space and write by hand the character we wanted.

Just one example.

caça      and     caca            means different
hunt              poo

I think we never had not any bug, though.


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