Being Watched

Today while in the grocery store, I told The Wife I’d be a couple of minutes while I priced out cat food. I don’t own a cat, but was thinking it may be a cheap source of fishing bait. The Wife gave me a lengthy lecture about weird projects.

Later today, I went to the local mom and pop pet store. I purchased some habitrail tubing for my snail. While there, The Wife and I looked at cat food and discussed the prices.

This evening, I was checking my RSS feed and noticed an interesting image at the bottom: a google ad for cat food at petsmart.

My question is now: What is it going to take to prevent my phone from passively listening to me?

Zen Locust - 2017-01-06 20:27:31-0500

I think you should just go into settings and turn off it’s power.

Zen Locust - 2017-01-06 20:47:34-0500

Started messing with my settings, which is serious work to drill down into google settings and my device stopped responding. Hmmm. 1984

Davis Bennett - 2017-01-13 07:43:01-0500

I subscribe to the zero administration philosophy and use a hammer. Preferably one with a hickory handle as I find they work the best. The beautiful thing about using a hammer is that it negates the need to fiddle with any settings… ever again! You know what they say: use the right tool for the right job! :)


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