Brain Reading

I’ve been impressed with brain reading technology since 1992. The ability to write has been a major hurdle that I’ve been eagerly awaiting. This is the first real step I’ve seen in that direction.

Intentful writing of information to the brain… I’m excited.

Originally shared by Wayne Radinsky

“Facephenes: Brain Stimulation Creates Phantasmal Faces.”

The patient saw faces in everyday objects, including an orange soccer ball and a featureless box.

The patient was implanted with a large number of brain electrodes in order to pin down the source of his seizures. Crucially for Schalk et al., several of the electrodes lay on the fusiform face area (FFA).

It turned out that stimulation of particular points within the left FFA evoked fleeting, face-like imagery that the patient stuggled to describe.

Facephenes: Brain Stimulation Creates Phantasmal Faces


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