The Blind leading The Blind

The Blind leading The Blind: due to the complexity of the open market, it looks like people are paying for AIs to train their AIs…

Please tell me this disaster is true ….

h/t: +Dennis D. McDonald

Bot-Heavy Data Labelling Platforms Are The Cause Of Bad Results In AI Research


John Jainschigg - 2018-09-02 12:01:44-0400

“We’re paying ourselves to hose ourselves.” – Dilbert

PlaidSheep - 2018-09-02 16:21:38-0400

+John Jainschigg: yes… that … nail and head

PlaidSheep - 2018-09-03 00:39:09-0400

This has the feel of the times I’ve heard a customer tell me they are going with the cheaper alternative; listened to the plan offered by the cheaper competitor; and suggested that the customer call me when the project fails.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way to tell that to a customer in such a way that they don’t have to overcome insurmountable embarrassment to hire me later.


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