Test Results

2 todo - gray hyphen in octogon somebody should implement this
1 manual . blue empty octogon this needs to be executed manually for some reason
0 pass + green check mark in circle no problems
-1 defect - pink m-dash in square an issue was detected, but someone is currently working on it
-2 fail x red x mark in square an issue was detected
n pending ? white   hasn’t been run yet

How to read

The numbers indicate priority,

Everything has an ASCII friendly character associated with it. This makes reporting in the terminal easier.

Colors are meant to be meaningful to a large portion of developers. Currently this is North American biased, but so is the group I work with, and software developement in general.

Symbols are meant to be reasonably meaningful, though some amount of learning is expected from the report readers. The decision of constraining to ASCII characters maximizes the number of terminals this can be reported on.

Word Frequency